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GIGGING OUT – Erin Foster Lovely Tour at the Factory Theatre

GIGGING OUT – @erinfostermusic Lovely Tour with @sarahyagki and @keeganjoyce

It was a night of red, blue and pink…The colour transitions felt ever evolving and transcendent visually and sonically. Sarah’s darkness shifted into Keegan’s lightness and bittersweetness. Erin’s pink blossomed through as she came in with a level of mystique and femininity that was both innocent and melancholy. It was awesome to finally meet Erin last night, and see her perform her latest single “Lovely”. Erin had an amazing percussive accompanist as well that really elevated the sound and performance. It was great to experience the sad dance-pop persona in the flesh. Erin uses vocal effects incredibly well and economically. Vocal effects are integral to her sound as it flips between her “baby” talk vocals that have a slight edge, to that crisp almost robotic sound that goes to that fantasy she creates. Contrasting those vocals is crucial to her music and was awesome to experience live. Especially in her song “Friends”, Erin flips between her vocal effects and raw vocals. For a moment it throws you off as you realise the things she is singing about are definitely not perfect or idyllic as it appears.

Keegan’s angelic vocals just capture your full attention. Keegan’s head range and falsetto were really tender and beautiful. I loved the sound design of each song as it felt so well thought out and playful at the same time. I also enjoyed the humorous snippets of stories about the origin of some of his songs. Also looping and managing tracks as a solo artist is always a lot of pressure on timing and technology, however, Keegan was able to manage it with humour and charisma. 

Sarah who I have had the pleasure of seeing multiple times, really showed her versatility in her live performances last night. I enjoy her range with having a full band and then a more stripped back band. @ethan_holland308 guitar performance last night felt elevated and dirtier bringing a bit more grit and darkness, as Sarah delves into this side more with her music and persona on stage. I also love @evie_corradin and Sarah’s voices together they always harmonise well together.

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