SONG REVIEW – “Warm-Blooded Lovers” by Runaway Mornings

“Like there’s no sense of me without you” ooft 😅 Warm-Blooded Lovers by @runawaymornings coming in strong with the heartache. Runaway Mornings hits the nail on the head with this one for being sad about something that’s confusing and that should be happy. We often think love is highs and lows, but when do we explore those in-betweens? Not knowing what’s next, who we are without each other and enjoying each other but confused.

Warm-Blooded Lovers doesn’t really shy away from its simplicity. In fact the feeling of sparseness and consistent texture feels very in sync with the lyrics of something being missing and the hollowness during a heartbreak. If the sound design was too clunky and abrasive you wouldn’t feel the void. The restraint for this song works really well as it creates the sound of loneliness and space with glimpses of warmth.

Runaway Mornings always has their distinct road trip aesthetic. I find this to be really powerful as an artist to already have a distinct sound. However,
I’m sure there is more sounds to be explored.

The song ends with a plead, “I thought we could figure it out” just heart wrenching and really highlights that love isn’t always enough…and on that note Happy Thursday!

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