SONG REVIEW – “Masquerader” by AnnaLina

It opens with chimes and ends with a giggle this is “Masquerader” by @annalinamusic 🎶

I had the greatest pleasure seeing AnnaLina live recently where she sang this track when it was unreleased. This is always a great tease to an audience, you hear it and just want to stream it, but alas the best things come in time.

“Masquerader” is strong in both rhythm and lyrics. I love songs that can have sad lyrics with a beat that makes you want to sway back and forth. While there is vulnerability and sad realities revealed in “Masquerader” AnnaLina isn’t afraid to throw a bit of cheek and brutal honesty which has been apparent in her previous singles. Again AnnaLina is willing to be self aware in her lyrics about love, romance and friendships and where she views herself in these dynamics. Many songwriters are too afraid to show how they are and mostly focus on how the other person was in the relationship/friendship.

Vocally you will not be disappointed, AnnaLina has those bluesy vocals that just make you melt. I love how the mix strips back at times before the hook and you just have the vocals at the forefront. Moments like this give a nice spotlight to AnnaLina’s vocals.

The repetitive “I’m not the one” at the end followed by a giggle is a brilliant idea and shows the spiral of emotions we can all experience of self doubt and crying till we laugh.

Finally the wait is over, stream “Masquerader” now!

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