EP REVIEW – “VILLAIN” by Boy Virgo

‘Villain’ trickles in with a whirlwind of etherial sounds, which perfectly accelerates into a breakdown of total destruction. You can definitely sense the heavy metal influence in this one, which could have the potential to feel out of place if overused, but in this instance it is used with a subtle deliverance that works effectivley.

‘XTC’ is just such a great song. The beat. Say no more. ‘XTC’ is probably a more digestible hyper pop song for those who are maybe unsure about genre, as it still incorporates those pop elements that makes it catchy. ‘XTC’ features @somachhaya and they both create a highly intense and clenching song, that puts you on edge in a good way.

Ah ‘Blood and Guts’, proving by the third song that Boy Virgo has curated the perfect sequence of songs. ‘Blood and Guts’ comes to a more emotionally intense and slightly emo moment in the midst of the hyper pop sound…I love it. This one is gritty yet pretty, which to me is the essence of hyper pop. Boy Virgo’s vocals in this one are notable. Boy Virgo has already found the vocal effects that suit his voice and sound, I am highly impressed by the overall sound production.

Sparkle sparkle, here is ‘Miel’. This one almost feels like a restart to the EP. Your heart slowly starts recovering from ‘Blood and Guts’ and you feel that euphoria like ‘XTC’ again. Boy Virgo ripped out his heart and put it on a plate for this EP, the intensity is at the forefront. Love and heartache sometimes doesn’t feel like or sound like a gentle harp. This might be Boy Virgo’s joker story but for me this is a love story, reminding me of a brutal heartbreak I once had, and that is what makes music so great. All is true in art. It is what we feel and what we experience that is so unique and special.

‘Timesplitter’. I mean what an end. I always appreciate a good drop. I fell in love with drops in 2019 and haven’t stopped loving them since.

I am keen to see where Boy Virgo goes next. I would love to hear more textural sparseness, as it gives more room to go higher and harder. Restraint is in your favour, especially in a genre full of risk taking.


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