SONG REVIEW – “On & On & On” by Barley Passable

I had the pleasure of hearing this new single live at a gig recently. I was so excited to see what their new music had in store!

It comes in with a classic Barley Passable dance beat and chorus of people singing that just works so well. Sound design wise I feel like @barleypassable are taking it to another level already. To me Barley Passable are doing something continuously right, they are doing what they love and trust their sound through and through.

That pulled back moment with what I’ll assume is Kai on Guitar is so well done. This moment of restraint gives the listener a short break from the anthem and allows a nice build up again for the finale. I feel like Kai is exploring his guitar skills more than what I’ve heard before. This was noticeable in his recent live performance and I’m so I’m excited to hear more of this.

On & On & On is still on that retro-techno aesthetic but with a bit more pace than their previous songs. Davey’s vocals really suit these anthem type lyrics and really reminds me of those masculine/feminine vocalists like Morten Harket and Rick Astley. The more that Davey hones in on that unique sound with his vocals it will not only elevate his live performances, but his range of emotions and versatility in their songs will grow. This is already noticeable with the chorus – he goes for it and doesn’t hold back!

Also the chorus just fucking slaps – “you drop me on the floor and take off all your clothes, and then pick up the phone..” While the lyrics are in your face they feel exposing in a good way and demand your attention.

And that sudden end to the song…just keeps you wanting more.

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