SONG REVIEW – “Pretty Boy” by GRXCE

Indie rock is never my go-to genre as I’ve hinted at many times before, however, GRXCE has got my attention. Jamila’s vocals in their new single “Pretty Boy” saves the genre for me. There is articulation, a range of emotion and a slight amount of grunge where I can stay hooked.

I always wonder what makes a good band, and to be honest the introduction to all their songs says it all. When should the bass come in? When should the drums come in? When should the vocals come in? Sometimes the build-up is too quick or slow. But GRXCE’s build-up is just perfect. This single plays it safe, but more importantly, it gets it right. Sometimes I feel like singles need to be neat and tight. While some people would find that clinical I think sometimes a tight clean single is a good start for bands before they show all their risks and imperfections. This song gives a good taste of what’s to come and shows an openness to take risks down the line and gain influence from grunge/pop-punk.

I also think having a 2:30min song for an indie rock song is the way to go these days – I don’t need the chorus over and over, punch me in the face don’t taunt me with a slap kick and shove. “Pretty Boy” is a punch in the face and ends before you think it’s repetitive – instead, you will be pressing replay.

Also, I don’t know what it is for the cultural wave of songs in the last 5 years that show disdain for pretty/soft boys being the new asshole over the typical masculine jock boys, but It is very much here to stay. Let’s be real the pretty/soft boy is just an inoffensive ‘fuckboy’ 😅

I can see GRXCE gaining a cult following and visualise their popularity. GRXCE has that spark and I think if you feel this when immediately hearing any emerging artist/band from the get-go this is a good sign for success.

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