Annie Martin

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When did you start songwriting/singing?

“I’ve been singing my whole life and I wrote my first song when I was 10! It was called “here’s the boy” about being cheated on…”

What do you love about songwriting/singing?

“Singing lets me go into my own world and is the best form of meditation/escape I could ever think of. I love relating to lyrics in music I listen to, so for me songwriting is so satisfying to have a song which perfectly captures my feelings in that moment.”

What do you dislike about songwriting/singing?

“I don’t have much practice writing songs so I can’t just write one whenever! It’s like everything has to be right, the wind blowing a certain way and a full moon or something lmao.”

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Would you prefer to sing live in front of 5 people you love or 5000 strangers?

Definitely 5 people I love!! Especially songs I haven’t written – I do that all the time anyway.”

Did you ever consider a full-time career in singing/creative arts?

Yes! For a long part of my life I wanted to go into acting, and always loved the idea of singing. But I realised I loved iand escape rather than a passion that drives my life.”

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What is the best advice you’ve received for your singing/songwriting?

Not to worry about being the best, especially with singing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t belt high notes, if your range is kind of small – just to do what you love without stress.”

What is the harshest criticism you’ve received for your singing/songwriting?

I remember someone told me I copied the tune of my first song from you belong with me by Taylor Swift 💔 10 year old me was offended (unjustifiably so, they kind of had a point).”

Do you feel this song captures a moment in time or an ongoing feeling?

Definitely a moment in time.”

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Did you enjoy your first showcase and being part of Artists and Alice?

“Yes I loved it! So many people in my life saw my song and I would have never been brave enough to show them – even my Grandma.”

Do you think being creative will always be a part of your life even if you don’t pursue it as your career?

Absolutely. Even if it’s not writing my own stuff, I think I will always want to learn my favourite songs on piano or guitar – it’s second nature to me.”

Photography by C Monster Productions.

What is your song ‘Earrings’ about?

“This song is a very melodramatic sad one about a rough breakup – I took longer to get over it than the other person and I was very emo about it.”

Does this song describe how you feel now or a moment in time?

“Definitely a moment in time – I wrote most of the song about a year and a half ago when I was in a very sad place. I actually rewrote the last chorus of the song just before recording it with Alice because I was so frustrated with how miserable my past self was. I had a lot more distance from the situation and I wanted to end the song with more self-confidence to recognise where I deserved more in the relationship.”


Awareness Project: Issues facing the LGBTQIA+ Community

Below is the interview I did with our first artist Annie Martin where we discussed her art and the issues facing the LGBTQIA+ community.

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