SONG REVIEW – “Oh Well” by The Wandering Blind

I am really being put out of my comfort zone for the last couple of weeks as I am thrown into the world of Indie Rock, However, if there is one thing I have learnt from doing C Monster Productions it is that we often don’t give a lot of music a chance.

The Wandering Blind are an indie rock band and have just released their latest single “Oh Well”. I can definitely hear sound influences like the DMA’s, however, I would implore the band to also check out Ezra Furman. Ezra is not so much indie rock, but I would say The Wandering Blind certainly are going for that lyrically focused, forward vocals upbeat sound and Ezra’s music is a great mentor. Having influences beyond your practiced genre is always important. Kyle’s percussion and drumming also reminds me of Ezra’s youthful and energetic sound that is never tired sounding or lacklustre. Kyle is the type of drummer you want to hear and see live because you know they will bring character.

Jack’s vocals have a great round and open sound that has the ability for grunts and harshness when needed. I appreciate the stripped-back moments during “Oh Well”. I feel as though this allows the listener to connect to the more tender aspects of this song, while also giving the listener the release with that upbeat hook.

Every rock song needs a good hook and I must say The Wandering Blind hit the nail on the head. I would say the mix during the hook is definitely what they need to replicate ongoing. All the tracks here sound really balanced and well blended.

I find when listening to a song for the first time I want to know where it is transporting me too. And interestingly “Oh Well” takes me to an intimate venue with the Wandering Blind playing live. I could definitely see a crowd of people dancing and flinging their hair around to this one.

There is a lot of potential growth for the Wandering Blind. I am keen to see where they take their next single.

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