SONG REVIEW – “Take Me Home” by Runaway Mornings

An eerie start to a song always makes me curious on where it will go…

“Take Me Home” is @runawaymornings latest release and it took me where I wanted to go.

When those mid-tone vocals come in they reminded me of my teen years listening to DMA’s and those more mid tone male vocals that were highly emotional but restrained at the same time. The laid back beat with those flickering sounds in the high end brings a mixture of emotions when listening. You feel as though you can relax to the song but the more you listen that subtle flickering it feels like your heart is hurting just a little bit and your eyes just feel a little more damp. I would consider “Take Me Home” part of the “late night drive music” genre which has the power to create nostalgia and “Take Me Home” certainly made me think of those late night car rides as a teen where it seemed like I could do anything or be anyone. I love songs that long for home because they are so specific and vague at the same time. Some people feel home when they are in their hometown or some people feel at home when they are with a specific person. I think @runawaymornings brings this theme to the forefront by allowing the listener to create their vision of home. I see late night car rides by myself going home where the windows are down and my hair is getting all messed up and I’m just happy. Sometimes songs about home are too painful to listen too if you’re alone, but “Take Me Home” is a comfort in those moments alone and reminiscing about home.

Shout out to the production team on this one as well, Oscar Sharah (Mel Blue, Lola Scott, Abby Bella May) and James Osborn (Memoiirs).


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