SONG REVIEW – “Sick of You” by Sarah Yagki

Being sick of being sick of you…

A great meaning behind this one – one which I think we can all relate to. Do you remember that iconic scene in ’10 Things I Hate About You’ where Julia Stiles stands in front of her class and reads out her poem to Heath Ledger?

To me that love-hate feeling is explored really well in ‘Sick of You’ and that inner conflict we can have about someone. Sarah always finds interesting and complicated topics to explore in her songs, situations I don’t always think about and always explores a perspective I don’t always consider. Lyrically Sarah is always strong and I think as a songwriter she should continue to carry her confidence and self-belief, which is clear when interviewing her and seeing her live.

I do believe sound wise ‘Sick of You’ took an interesting direction that solidified a few things for me. I feel as though when Sarah takes a lighter approach to her sound she is taking more of a risk. And ‘Sick of You’ is one of her lighter tracks – similar to the very popular track ‘Can’t Decide’. To me, this shows Sarah’s willingness to explore and allow trial and error. However, I do believe that it does affirm that Sarah’s darker sound is where she is stronger, for example her tracks ‘Shared Eyes’, ‘Can’t Hardly Lie’ and ‘Wanted More’.

I think Sarah should continue to challenge herself with this sound. ‘Sick of You’ shows potential in Sarah’s lighter side. I think if Sarah continues to explore this sound she should play around vocally a bit more. I would love to hear Sarah shorten her phrases, take off the reverb and allow for a bit more awkwardness. Sarah should really show her comfort in the darkness and discomfort in the lightness as an artist.

Julia Stiles in ’10 Things I Hate About You’ is a hard ass, but the escalation of emotion and her discomfort in the scene is what’s so powerful she shows her dark and light shades back and forth seamlessly, and sonically I could see Sarah really perfecting this transition.

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