SONG REVIEW – “Jesus Loves Fat Girls Too” by Michelle Sutton

The humour and transparency in ‘Jesus Loves Fat Girls Too’, takes me back to my Lilly Allen phase (in a good way). I think using light hearted pop melodies with tongue in cheek lyrics is never really disappointing. Often we associate those cute unproblematic sounds with some obnoxious cringey anthem, but when the lyrics take you in a different direction I am always satisfied.

Michelle has a nostalgic tone to her vocals where she blends talk singing and the use of head voice together. This style for me is the classic late 90s and early 2000s pop singer technique. I used to roll my eyes when my old singing teacher wanted me to use this technique but its so effective for certain songs and when done well like Michelle it is really effective. Also while the song has a lot of tongue in cheek Michelle uses her tone to show awareness of when she is delivering more somber lyrics and meanings.

Jesus Loves Fat Girls Too carries punch in the name and confronts the listener on Fatphobia both in society and in the church in the lyrics and the melody. I believe art is sometimes more powerful when we challenge vs when we preach. I am very curious to see what assumptions Michelle challenges next.

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