SONG REVIEW – “Rain and Snow” by The Wandering Blind

The duo are back!

On the first listen through I was already happily surprised to hear growth and strengthening since their last single. ‘Rain and Snow’ shows a bit more maturity which I like and the production is just a slight step up from ‘Oh well’.

I think Wandering Blind has convinced me that indie rock is something I can grow to love. They have convinced me because they are good and tap into a nostalgia that is very comforting. It doesn’t feel irritating as some indie rock/pop which focuses too much on the whimsical road trip sound. While I grew up on AC/DC I did go through a DMA’s phase when I was madly and stupidly in love once in high school. So I do associate Wandering Blind’s sound with a very nostalgic part of growing up. In ‘Rain and Snow’ Jack explores the longing we get for the past when we go through a life change. A thing all teenagers and early 20-year-olds can relate to. Change is terrifying but inevitable. So what soothes us in these life changes? For me, I would say music and when listen to ‘Rain and Snow’ I feel a great sense of solace.

‘Rain and snow’ has a more stripped back arrangement. I liked having Jack’s vocals on the forefront telling a story. Jack’s vocals seem a lot more controlled and open in this track and I like that he leans into his accent and unique sound.

Kyle is certainly stripped back in this one, as he is not on drums but the glockenspiel, which peeps in at the end. I think this was a really beautiful and well-thought-out touch. It was unexpected but a nice surprise. While there is not a huge dynamic shift in the song or melodic change, I do think the simplicity works in ‘Rain and Snow’s’ favour.

Overall well-done @wanderingblindmusic I can see a lot of improvements with each single to come.

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