EP REVIEW: “party mix” by Holly Hebe

EP REVIEW – “party mix” by @hollyhebe

What a way to end the year of reviews! A very strong finish…

In the opening song “edith street”, Holly really captures the focus you have when you are in love. Some people call it rose-coloured glasses but I think it’s more like photographic glasses. Where you watch the person you love and capture every moment of them without forgetting a single detail. I think we all have an Edith street. The strong descriptive lyrics are done really well and I can very clearly visualise what she is describing in this track. Also, I could be wrong, but I think Holly whispers “that’s it” at the end, and I think that simple raw moment is just wonderful.

The beat picks up a bit for the second song on the EP, “life of the party” which showcases a strong production. Whispering/soft vocals are hard to capture sometimes, especially because articulation can be lost in tracks that aren’t sparse acoustic productions. However, even with Holly’s tender vocals, they are captured perfectly in “life of the party”.

The third track on the EP “plastic chairs” maintains the more pop/upbeat sound. It’s good to hear how Holly’s vocals adjust to dynamic changes since they are so tender. I LOVE the unexpected heavy compression and EQ filter (which creates the underwater sound) near the end of “plastic chairs”, which again shows Holly is individualising herself in a very popular and growing genre.

“Hardpilltoswallow” really captures the feeling after your first love. I love the sentiment Holly explores in this one. After heartbreak, there is a reflective period where we realise the person we loved was a lesson and not someone we will end up with. This is not only shown lyrically but emotionally in Holly’s vocals. Just when you think the song is ending you get this awakening from Holly. A reverse sound effect is used which goes into an exquisite crescendo. Out of nowhere, you hear Holly subtly accept that she has to close the door on this heartbreak, which before the crescendo sounded resistant but now she has accepted it and is okay with it…maybe haha.

Overall a really strong EP – I would implore you to go listen.

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