SONG REVIEW – “More to Me” by Erin Foster

Erin is a very honest lyricist even when it means revealing specific thoughts and feelings.

‘More to Me’ is one of those songs that doesn’t shy away from the flaws of love – people change themselves to be loved, some people choose lonely relationships over being single and worse some people put their lovers on high pedestals. ‘More To Me’.
explores some of these flaws that we indulge in when in love, especially in a personal way, which is really powerful.

Erin captures the essence of what it means to have fleeting feelings in her songs. To me, if you could personify Erin’s songs they would be those friends that you just want to say it’s okay the feeling will pass. This is really evident in her lyric, “you are more to me than I can admit so I’m lying to myself”. There is nothing wrong with melodrama, in fact, I encourage it.

‘More to Me’ is a deceiving song in a good way, while it appears to create this upbeat and idyllic ambience the meanings and fears around being alone that are bursting out are actually very subtle at first. I think this is because Erin leans into her innocence and naivety which is really relatable, especially in your adolescence or 20s.

Erin’s vocals again do not disappoint, however, I would love to hear some more experimenting with vocal effects in the high end. All in all, Erin is continuing to show ownership over her sound and aesthetic and is becoming a significant artist in the community.

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