Gigging Out Reviews

GIGGING OUT – Barley Passable LIVE at The Lord Gladstone Hotel

@barleypassable if you missed them last night, sold out, wild fans, they are on the rise! Make sure to catch them next on the 22nd of June… 👀

Look I think at the rate I’m going I might have to call myself a groupie 😅 nothing wrong with that aye

Every show is different, new outfits, new dance moves, new drama and theatrics. However, sometimes there are challenges as smaller artists that you have to power through and learn how to deal with on the spot when performing live. I give a big kudos to these two as they managed to navigate some sound issues at the start of their set, but they handled it really well and professionally. In these moments you can really see the strength of the duo as they support each other and improvise those moments of pressure. Also remember when you see these two live they are LIVE, no tracks.

Something else that really came through last night is the fan base they are starting to build. So many people hyping and supporting them. I have not seen an audience be so engaged and intense with emerging artists.

Had a great dance and a great night well done boys @barleypassable 👏🔥

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