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GIGGING OUT – LadyKing ‘Tease Me’ Single Launch @theoxfordartfactory

What a groooovy night! The hips were definitely in full swing last night as the audience enjoyed getting to dance. Ladyking was full of love and joy last night. She will definitely make some kind of eye contact with you that will not only put the vulnerability back on to you as an audience member but make you nervous in a good way. The elegance and sensuality she brings makes you feel sexy, which I have no complaints about. The ability for a musician to not just make you empathise with them but to also have them give you something is quite powerful. The flowers on stage were also a great touch and LadyKing not only chose the best outfit but as soon as she walked into the room it just felt powerful. When she finished her set on the single ‘Tease Me’ you could just see how grateful and happy she was, as she and her fellow musicians have waited since last year to do this gig. It is a great thing to see a performer smiling non stop during a gig, because they are home.

I also must mention the fabulous supporting acts! @ellenmara__ who I hadn’t discovered before but now glad that I have! She had such powerful vocals and pretty much was flawless in every song. Her vocal runs were epic👏Ellen’s voice was the perfect combo with AnnaLina and Ladyking. Their sounds all unique but a good blend of blues and groove. At moments they were more melancholy and then other moments they would all bring the beat up and make everyone move.

@annalinamusic who opened the night and is someone I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing, I was super happy to finally see her live. AnnaLina really opened up her voice on “Know This”. Her music has always made me emotional especially her song “It’s Seasonal”. She also performed her unreleased single…which is out soon!

Also big applause for all the band members during the night 👏Shout out to @andrewcharaa on keys and Ned on Sax who I’ve seen support quite a few performers now and I gotta say they always bring energy and positivity.

If you want a night of groove and love I would suggest you check out 💜

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