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GIGGING OUT – Melita ‘Hearticulate’ Single Launch at the Lazybones Lounge

Gigging Out with @melitamusica for her latest release ‘Hearticulate’💜

With the wonderful @annalinamusic and @gemmasjams supporting the night!

What a smooth night of jams, emotions and red wine! 🍷

Gemma who I haven’t seen live before was fantastic! I loved the stripped down guitar and vocals, it created intimacy and highlighted the incredible vocals. Gemma was extremely good at projecting each lyric with clarity so you never missed the story or meaning behind so many original songs she shared. She also had some awesome vocal runs and hand gestures. Hand gestures are always a big A+ from me👏

AnnaLina was oozing with confidence and movement last night! The bridge in ‘Took it Further’ I noticed was really strong and powerful. ‘Know this’ always makes me tear up especially after a few reds in haha😂 I find it to be one of those really confronting songs in the sense that the performer is really questioning the audience and this is really powerful live. ALSO we got a taste of her new single that’s coming out soon!

And for the main act we had the amazing @melitamusica! It was so great to hear Hearticulate live it’s such a great single. Really catchy and fun to sway to 🕺 Mel has such creamy vocals that just make you smile and feel good inside.
She is also super comfortable on stage and really engages with the audience, it always makes me happy watching the audience dance close to the front so that the artist can enjoy how their music is moving people. You could really see how much that meant to @melitamusica! I loved the build in texture for the set list and chosing to bring on more band members a little later. This really keeps an audience engaged and shows a well thought out arrangement.

Great night everyone well done💜

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