SONG REVIEW – “Crooks” by The Slims

Ah yes…” Crooks”. There was an era in my life where I would imagine I was on TV and played the powerful evil character… I had an imaginative childhood. The song “Crooks” by The Slims Band takes me back to those imaginative years where I not only felt badass but in a world where these types of soundtracks were made for me to experience. Sometimes we want to daydream and think about our alter egos. The twangy guitar and rustic tune give off a retro western aesthetic. The slightly distorted vocals add to the grittier aesthetic I also felt the vocals were self-aware in the genre and sound they were creating by sticking to a more mid-tone range with some growl and edginess. I also liked that the vocals sat nicely and were blended back into the mix more, allowing the listener to drown into the song. “Crooks” really suited a more blended sound allowing the listener to enjoy either the tune or the story. Finally, I think certain songs can tap into different types of confidence. While I find I can get a lot of confidence from songs that explore feminity, I find that a song like “Crooks” taps into my alter ego and fantasy of power, coolness and realness that I enjoyed as a young teen.

“Don’t address me with those evil eyes” is such a good lead into the hook. It feels mysterious and unsettling, in a good way. I love the sentiment of confrontation and conviction. It allows me to relish in that alter ego that I created for myself as a young teen as a way to escape and feel more powerful. Of course, it feels selfish, but then I remember that’s the luxury of artists giving their art for others to listen to. They provide that beautiful opportunity to close your eyes and transport yourself to a character or place that brings you joy.


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