Gigging Out Reviews

GIGGING OUT – Barley Passable at the Royal Hotel Bondi

GIGGING OUT with @barleypassable supported by the awesome at @royalhotelbondi last night! was an awesome way to open the night. I loved the humour and connection they brought for the audience. Their set was original and definitely left me intrigued to hear more and see more of them.

ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY! I don’t want to give you too many videos of @barleypassable performance because every single one is pure gold and you just have to experience it for yourself. You will dance and sweat and smile. It was great to see Davey’s vocals improve from the last live performance I saw he is really nailing the control and accentuation needed for this retro-techno genre. Kai also turned up the notch with his guitar skills with this performance. They both have so much chemistry and positivity up on stage and it is so clear how much they love their art. It’s also a joy to watch a fully analog/live set, it’s so engaging as an audience member.

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