SONG REVIEW – “Lovely” by Erin Foster

The woman bringing sad dance music to the forefront is @erinfostermusic !

Erin is building a great collection of music. “Lovely” once again shows how she perfects the relationship between lyrics and sound to enhance that sad-dance genre.

Erin does a technique that I will self-title as the “frowning” technique. When you sing, you often project by smiling and opening your mouth. However, sometimes to create a more sustained projection of the voice that has the aesthetic of a monotone sound with a melody and almost seems as if the artist could be frowning is what I call the “frown” technique. Whether this is intentional or not, it is really effective in her genre of music, and I would be really curious to see Erin experiment or explore her vocals with hyper-pop in the future.

Erin does a fantastic job of creating that feeling when you go out for the first time after heartbreak, and it hits about 10:30 pm, and you suddenly look around at everyone having fun, but you feel sad and miss that person. Erin nails sad dance music. While “Lovely” is one of Erin’s more overtly hopeful songs when it comes to love, it still has an essence of idealism and fantasy that we all create in our minds, especially after a few drinks in the club. Erin does this by hyper-focusing on one thing in one moment, which is really powerful. For one second, you can feel lovely, but when the night ends, you may not have that fleeting feeling anymore, so it is always best to soak it in while it lasts. I think this trade-off of reality vs fantasy is highlighted perfectly in the lyric: ‘too good to be real, so let’s not be real’.

To celebrate her new single, Erin will be touring extensively in 2022, with the ‘Lovely Tour’ taking on the
Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney.

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