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GIGGING OUT – Shirin Kalyani LIVE at @thechippohotel EP Launch: Honey Suckle Moon

Supporting last night was @miramar_music who I have never seen before, but it is always awesome when I discover new people! She had such a powerhouse voice and I loved how much she got into the dancing with the crowd. Bringing energy as a support act is so crucial and @miramar_music nailed it!

It is always a joy to watch Shirin live, everytime I see her perform she just improves and becomes even more confident. Her stage persona of mystery and sadness that she has always conveyed only keeps getting better and more intriguing. The fact that Shirin has launched an EP and was talking about another EP in the works makes me incredibly happy as another sign of confidence in her music and sound. To see Shirin sing mostly originals at a gig shows how established she is becoming as an artist, she has a really strong catalogue of music now. In terms of covers, I love that she continues to sing “Smalltown Boy” an 80s track by Bronski Beat, that song really fits in nicely into Shirin’s sets. The song is an extension of her stage persona and storytelling, which is impressive to do since it is a cover. To create such a closeness to a song and yet uplift it as a cover is done brilliantly. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Shirin grow as an artist from high school to now and I can’t wait to see her perform for the years to come.

Shout out to @joel_kelett@heylookitsmitch and @tomfirth6969 who accompanied Shirin and I’ve seen play a couple times now!

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