SONG REVIEW – “OK?” by The Causeway Band

SONG REVIEW – “OK?” by @thecausewayband

As soon as I pressed play on the song “OK?” by the indie rock band The Causeway, it took me back to the film “The Way Way Back”, where Duncan battles the awkwardness and insecurities you go through as a teenager while navigating the disappointing aspects of growing up. I felt like the song “OK?” both sonically and lyrically made me relive the bittersweet nature of this film and the coming-of-age genre. In the movie, Duncan is on a family trip to a beach house where he experiences love, rejection and self-discovery. The lead vocalist Madeline has a delicate and inviting voice which puts you at ease as a listener as she talks about the rejections you can sometimes experience with love. Growing up and being a teen is overwhelming but thrilling. The concept of rejection is a massive theme in the film and adolescence, making the song relatable and nostalgic. “OK?” has an early 2000s rock sound and youthfulness to it, which brings me absolute comfort as it takes me back to movies and music that I watched and listened to growing up. “OK?” also brings a retro beach aesthetic with its twangy electric guitars and crashing drums from the surf rock era. Whether intentional or not, it adds to that American/California summer genre that I often would consume as a teen.

Any song or piece of music that can remind me or anyone of something meaningful is a massive achievement.

Support The Causeway and all their future music. I am excited to see where they go…

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