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GIGGING OUT – SADA ‘Sinner’s of Sydney’ Review

WOW! What a way to come back to Gigging Out for 2022!

@sadamusic_ did a fantastic job last night, and shout out to Freya on keys and Michael on drums, they were both professional and perfect accompaniment for SADA.

The venue was a great pick for SADA’s performance, intimate, mood lighting and a little bit retro. SADA performed lots of great originals, I love her songs The Way and Fearless!

This isn’t the first time I have heard SADA live-ish…back last year for her Fearless single release she had a zoom night. However zoom did not capture the full range of her vocals, so I’m really glad I got to see her on stage and hear the power of her rich and expressive vocals.

It was so amazing seeing her family and friends support her and help her create this special night you could definitely see SADA has a wonderful team around her.

SADA spoke about film noir and the women in that era and her affinity for that era. Not only has that theme inspired a song but you can see SADA’s stage presence and persona is to appear as if she is gliding in the room and out while showing a glimmer of her beauty and rich sound.

SADA not only shows she can sing she shows attention to detail and a desire for great execution. She had merch, a giveaway, audience interaction, livestream, film and chatting to everyone afterwards. There is so much that can go into a gig and seeing all the moving parts work seamlessly is not only impressive it was something to be proud of as an independent artist.

Even though the stage was small SADA used her movements economically and surprisingly didn’t repeat a lot of her body movements. I myself have been on a small stage where I have felt the need to repeat certain gestures because I can’t walk around. This shows SADA once again is thinking beyond just how she feels when she sings but creating an entertaining and engaging performance for her audience.

While she didn’t come back for an encore she certainly left everyone wanting more!

Make sure to go check out @sadamusic_ page and give her all the love and support 💜

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