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VIRTUAL GIGGING OUT – Dreambox Collective Event ‘The Sky’s the Limit’

What a great evening with @dreambox_collective !

The final concert for 2021, I’m so glad I didn’t miss it💙An incredible music program of musicians who performed and composed pieces reflecting their unique experiences with education either here in Australia or overseas. It was both an appreciation to teachers and value for access to teaching and education.

@dreambox_collective are proud to be donating a portion of the profits to @childrensground.

During the evening not only did we get incredible performances, but a discussion between and Hannah Morris about teaching.

The night began with a beautiful piece called “Shanghai Streets: Sinan Road” by @jolinjiangmusic and performed by @quantumpianopi. I loved the imagery in this piece! We then had another great piece by @jolinjiangmusic called “What I Have Learned: A brief History of Chinese Philosophical Knowledge”. This piece included both imagery and voices and an excerpt from Yunyutian by @jolinjiangmusic@amosling92 and Billy Han. This piece was really interesting and shows how creative you can get when showing what you have learnt and how you can educate others.

And my favourite piece of the night was by called “Lagtime Piano: Black Notes, White Notes, and Everything in Between” created the concept and stop motion animation. Alexis Weaver did the sound design, which was AWESOME! @quantumpianopi played piano and did the beautiful origami. Featuring many students including my good friend @katarinagrobler .

@quantumpianopi then did an incredible piece called “One Step at a time” which I really related to. It was about the idea of sequential learning and doing one layer at a time. This was something I had to use a lot during my education. During the night asked who our favourite teacher was and it reminded me of my fantastic English Teacher Ms Hanich who helped me improve so much and my essays wouldn’t be the same without her.

Finally we had a mesmerising performance by @amosling92 who performed a piece called 刘天华 Xulai 虚籁 (Meditation) where they displayed the incredible skills they had learned from their mentors throughout the years.

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