Gigging Out Reviews

GIGGING OUT – Worship Queer Collective Event at the Red Rattler Theatre

“Get ready for the dawn of a new movement celebrating Queer Asian Excellence”…this is Dynasty @worshipqueercollective an incredible night of sonic intimacy, journey and identity.

The DJ’s @kana_fractal
@redredredredred were incredible. Dancing was a must with the seamless and well thought out transitions and mixes.

The comedy by @swethdas was rowdy and funny. The crowd was seated at the front on the floor in awe and smiles.

The performers were high energy and captivating. The dancing and movement was euphoric and mesmerising well done to all the performers:


@star.gayze for their incredible animation and @olliexvincent logo they created for Dynasty.

Again this is a sonic storytelling experience you don’t want to miss out on! Their next show is in February called “Tiger Queen” go follow @worshipqueercollective – celebrating queer culture through inclusive events and shows.

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