Reviews of local Sydney Gigs!

Goal: attend as many local shows as possible and create vlog reviews of the night and artist.

I know music reviews usually create fear and anxiety, but for me, this is more about uplifting artists and joy around seeing live and local music.

Maybe you will discover the next show you want to attend…

Review 1: Harry Ashton Band “639” Single Launch

LazyBones Lounge – 26th October 2021

Review 2: Zach Goldfinch “That Funny Feeling” Single Launch

The Vanguard – 4th November 2021

Review 3: Sarah Yagki “Rewind” Single Launch

The Vanguard – 10th November 2021

Review 4: Shirin Kalyani LIVE at HiWayBikini Bar

HiWayBikini Bar – 11th November 2021

Review 5: Chelsea Warner “Drama” EP Launch

The Lord Gladstone Hotel – 12th November 2021

Review 6: LaHi and the Diks LIVE

LazyBones Lounge

Review 7: AZURE “Sorry To My Friends” LIVE

Landsdowne Hotel

Review 8: AnSo “So Damn Loud” Single Launch

Chippo Hotel